RxPicMedicineCabinetIXLaw enforcement agencies in Saline County took in 963 pounds of prescription medicine during Operation Medicine Cabinet IX held on April 26th.  Agencies that participated were Alexander Police Department, Benton Police Department, Bryant Police Department, and Haskell Police Department.  
Individual totals for the event were: 
Alexander Police Department:    32.4 lbs.
Benton Police Department:        730.2 lbs. 
Bryant Police Department:         153.4 lbs. 
Haskell Police Department:          47  lbs.   
The event was part of the 8th National Drug Take Back day that was being held nationwide and the 9th for Saline County.  There were over 150 law enforcement agencies across the state that participated in this event.  Since the first event in Saline County we have collected over 3 tons of old medicine and the results from these events are:
Medicine Cabinet I: 142 lbs.
Medicine Cabinet II: 540 lbs.
Medicine Cabinet III: 734 lbs. 
Medicine Cabinet IV: 537 lbs.
Medicine Cabinet V: 830 lbs.
Medicine Cabinet VI: 1,175 lbs. 
Medicine Cabinet VII: 1,190 lbs.
Medicine Cabinet VII: 1088 lbs.
Medicine Cabinet IX:  963 lbs. 
Total: 6,639 lbs. 
During Operation Medicine Cabinet IX numerous $5 Wal-Mart gift cards and Sonic drink coupons were handed out to those that took the time to drop off their old medicine.  Additionally, there were some $25 Wal-Mart gift cards mixed in with the $5 cards that people received as a ‘reward’.  
Statistics tell us that approximately 2/3 of the prescription drugs that are abused and misused come from the home medicine cabinet. It is important to Monitor, Secure, and Dispose of these drugs to prevent injury and death. Through these take back events and educational efforts, we have taken Arkansas from being the state with the highest abuse rate of prescription drugs to not even being in the top 10. 
Anyone who missed the take-back event can always drop off their old medicine at the 24/7 drop off box located in the lobby of the Benton Police Department.  All of the medicine that was collected will be destroyed in a safe and environmentally safe way in conjunction with the DEA and the AR National Guard.  Without the support of the citizens of our community the success of this event would not be possible and we thank you.