Benton Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team

The Benton Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team (ART) consists of five officers that are highly trained in the investigation of traffic crashes. The team is tasked in investigating traffic crashes that have resulted in a fatality or there is likely to be a fatality from the injuries received in the traffic crash.  They are called to the scene by the patrol division when deemed necessary and when they arrive they take over the investigation. These officers are trained in photography of the scene, how to collect and interpret the specific evidence at a traffic crash, document the scene (notes and sketches), and then put together a reconstruction of what led up to the crash, impact and post impact events.  Some of the information gathered from the scene can be entered into mathematical formulas that determine vehicle speeds, drag factor of the surface, the distance and time traveled by the vehicle, the perception and reaction time of the operators, and occupant locations in vehicle based on injuries.  All this information is used to determine whom is at fault in the crash, and if it could have been avoidable.  Based on the findings of the reconstruction it is then decided if criminal charges will be pursued in the incident.