The recruits progress is monitored, mentored, and documented by the FTO. If the recruit has shown the aptitude for learning but requires additional time or experience to meet the standards of the program, then the program can be extended until a recruit can perform the general duties of a police officer safely and responsibly. If a recruit lacks the ability to perform the general task of a police officer in a reasonable amount of time, it is the responsibility of the program to document the deficiencies of the recruit to provide the administrative staff the information needed to consider the recruits suitability for police work. The work of the FTO is crucial to ensuring the safe and effective police operations which in turn insures a safe and secure environment for the citizens of Benton. The Field Training Officer is the anchor of the thin blue line that guards our community. In order to join that line, the FTO ensures that an officer’s ability is matched to their desire to do the job and that their desire is matched with their ability.