St. Davidson award Collage SMALLLLLLLSgt. Ronald Davidson of the Benton Police Department was honored with the Central Region - Officer of the Year award on Tuesday. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge presented the award to Sgt. Davidson during the 2017 Outstanding Law Enforcement Officers of the Year Awards ceremony held at Camp Robinson.

Rutledge told the crowd, of more than 650 officers representing 75 law enforcement agencies in Arkansas, “On December 2, 2016, Sgt. Davidson was off duty when he drove to Simmons Bank in Benton to conduct business. Shortly after he approached the front counter, a masked gunman entered the bank. The suspect walked to the front counter and directed individuals to the other side. When the suspect turned his back to Sgt. Davidson, Davidson drew his off-duty concealed handgun and advanced on the suspect.”

“Sgt. Davidson identified himself as a police officer and ordered the suspect to drop his weapon. The suspect began to turn his weapon toward Sgt. Davidson. Sgt. Davidson, believing his life and that of a teller were in danger, fired at the gunman, killing him.”

Sgt. Davidson was nominated for the Officer of the Year award by Assistant Chief Jeff Besancon.

“Sgt. Davidson disregarded his safety and was focused on protecting the teller, and everyone else in the bank,” he said.

Rutledge said Arkansas law enforcement officers deserved to be recognized for their hard work and selfless dedication each and every day.