Tip A Cop flier SMALLLLLLLLThe opportunity for people to give officer orders, and make them serve food and drinks, will take place in less than two weeks. The 2017 Tip-A-Cop will be held at Colton’s Steak House (located at 1925 Landers Road in Benton) from 4-10 p.m. on Thursday, August 17.

“A lot of people can wait for this day, because it is their chance order us officers around a little bit,” Captain Kevin Russell said. “It’s all in good fun, but more importantly, it is a fantastic fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Arkansas. This event means a lot to our officers, customers, and the athletes the proceeds directly benefit.”

Coltons Tip A Cop 2 SMALLLLLLLLThe officers-turned-waiters will be assisted by Colton’s own wait stuff to ensure the highest quality service. Customers also will have the opportunity to throw a family member or friend into a mock jail at the restaurant for this one evening only. Russell said for $5.00 an officer will come to your table, lead someone to a "jail cell" and take their mug shot behind bars.

“If they behave well, we’ll let them out to return their table,” he said. “We will also post the picture of their arrest on our social media pages for their friends and family to share and download.”


The annual Tip-A-Cop event raises awareness about Special Olympics and helps support year-round Special Olympics of Arkansas events for the athletes.

“The athletes always look forward to seeing the officers, and they always bond with them,” said Paula Calhoun, field representative for Special Olympics Arkansas Area 10. “Saline County has always been very supportive of the athletes, and I know I can always count on the local officers when we need things done.”

Russell added, “Your donation helps provide financial means for the athletes and their families so they participate in the activities that mean so much to them year-round. For just a few minutes of your time, you can help support local Special Olympic athletes, and this is a great community event that benefits an amazing program.”

For more information about Tip-A-Cop, call Colton's Steakhouse at (501) 778-6100 or the Benton Police Department at (501) 776-5948. For more information about how to donate or volunteer for the Special Olympics of Arkansas visit their website: www.specialolympicsarkansas.org.