PopoInThePark SMALLLLLLLLThroughout July, officers with the Benton Police Department will be strolling through the city parks getting to know you while providing security during this month’s initiative “Popo In the Park.” The parks are a very safe environment for children and families currently, but there is always an increased usage during the summertime. 

With the increase of activities in the park, unfortunately, there are sometimes individuals who look for opportunities to commit crimes. To deter anyone from ruining the experience and fun quality atmosphere of the parks, we are therefore putting them on notice that illegal activity will not be tolerated.  

The focus of the initiative will be to increase and enhance visible police presence and enforcement in all city parks.  It will involve additional uniformed and plainclothes officers getting out into the community on foot and also bicycles.   We are also looking forward to the large July 4th activities that are being planned by the city and we will be a very visible presence there. 

“We encourage you to take pictures with our officers and send them to us, or tag us on your social media post,” Chief Kirk Lane said. “Our ultimate goal is to make everyone’s visit to a park one that is the best and safest experience possible, and to ensure their trip is one of making memories without worrying about criminal activity.”

The public can send pictures and/or videos via a private message on our Benton Police Department Facebook page or on our official app found on the Apple and Google stores or email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow BNPD on Facebook: