Below 100 Collage SMALLLLLLThe goal of the Benton Police Department through March is to reduce traffic accidents to “Below 100” and that will be attainable with the assistance of the public. Driver safety tips and traffic laws will be posted on BNPD social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and the public is encouraged to engage and ask questions to officers.

In January 2017, officers worked a total of 121 traffic accidents, a 4.3 percent increase from January of 2016 when there was a total of 116 traffic accidents worked.

“There are challenges because of the continued construction work on Alcoa Road and other roadways under construction,” Chief Kirk Lane said. “Which impacts not only those areas, but also the areas drivers use to bypass those construction areas.”

During the “Below 100” initiative, officers will be cracking down on distracted driving, speeding, intoxicated driving, drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts, and other traffic violations.

  • In 2015, distracted driving caused the death of 3,477 people, and 431,000 were injured in vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers; A 9.4 percent increase from 2014.
  • In 2015, speeding caused the death of 9,557 people.
  • 9,306 people died in intoxicated driver crashes in 2015.
  • But 13,941 people age 5 and older were saved by wearing seat belts in 2015.

“Citizens should also see an increase of officer patrols in neighborhoods recently affected by spree of thefts and breaking and entering of vehicles during the late-night, early morning hours,” Chief Lane said. “We’ll have heavier patrolling of traffic in those areas not only to improve safety, but to thwart criminal activities. We encourage everyone to be attentive while driving and comply with traffic laws so that the number of traffic accidents will drastically decrease.”

The goal of “Below 100” is not to write more citations, but an effort to reduce traffic accidents.

To report suspicious driving and/or accidents, call the Benton Police Department at 501-778-1171 or 501-315-TIPS. Individuals also may send us anonymous information to CRIMES (274637) with the keyword BNPD in the body of the text or go to to leave a tip. A crime tip can also be submitted via the official Benton Police Department app found on ITunes and Google Play.

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