Robertson and Reidmueller SMALLLLLLLt. Don Robertson and Sgt. Jeremy Riedmueller received recognition from the Office of the Secretary of Defense as being a “Patriotic Employer” in showing support for officers who are also members of the military.

“They each received a letter and plaque that expresses the good coordination between our department and the military,” Captain Kevin Russell said. “We work very well, and closely, with the military [branches] to ensure that officers are allowed to work their required military service.”

Captain Russell revealed that Benton Police Department Officer Quinterius Thrower nominated Lt. Robertson and Sgt. Riedmueller as gratitude for their continued support.

“It’s very nice to have one of your employees think of you,” Lt. Robertson said. “It was nice of Officer Thrower to go out of his way to nominate us through the National Guard.”

Sgt. Riedmueller added, “To echo Lt. Robertson’s statements, it is an honor to receive this recognition in helping support our military employees. I know that there’s a lot of military activities that Officer Thrower has to do, so we work with scheduling and time off, and things like that, to make sure that he’s able to go to those functions.”

Lt. Robertson, a 22-year Navy and Navy Reserve veteran, said he believes it is important to assist and show support for U.S. military men and women.

“They are serving and answering the 911 call for the country as well as for here in the City of Benton,” he said. “They have to train and put in the time required for the Guard or Reserve and they have to continuously maintain their readiness.”