After 27-years of dedicated law enforcement work, Mike Holt didn’t keep his badge and duty belt on the shelf for long. It’s another long list of reasons the former Haskell Police Chief and current Benton Police Department Reserve Officer is beloved throughout Saline County. It’s the call to duty that has landed Officer Holt the honor of being named the City of Benton’s November Employee of the Month.

“Officer Holt volunteers countless hours of his own time to assist the department with community events,” Sgt. Lisa Stuart wrote in a nomination letter. “Anytime the department needs representation, [Holt] happily works days, nights, weekends without hesitation and without complaint.”

But it is not only the community events where Officer Holt is found representing the BNPD. Officer Holt was instrumental in providing information on gun safety, handing out gun safety locks, and he voluntarily attends departmental training programs (racial profiling, drug endangered children, ethics in law enforcement, and quarterly firearms qualifications) all in an effort to be at his best, thus making the department better. Not to mention he continues to lead by example and mentor numerous officers.

Officers Holt is also a member of the BNPD Honor Guard, attending Honor Guard trainings and events where Honor Guard services are requested.

“Officer Holt takes pride in his position at the department and takes ownership over his areas of responsibility,” Sgt. Stuart said. “He regularly maintains organization and inventory in our supply locker which is vital in ensuring we have proper materials to hand out to the public at our community events. Officer Holt is a fantastic representation of our department and the mission we uphold."

“He gives many hours of his free time, voluntarily and often without thanks, and I feel he should be commended for his work ethic,” she added.

Officer Holt has a long history of strong work ethic and dedication to protecting and serving. For 21 years, he served the country in the U.S. Navy, including during the Vietnam War. Take a visit at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, Calif. and you will find the name Mike Holt on one of the ship’s bulkheads.

When asked what his career goal has always been, whether in the military or his 27-years of service for the Haskell Police Department including serving as the department’s chief, or through his reserve officer duties with the BNPD, Officer Holt replies, “I’ve only got one, and that’s to go home.”

If you see Officer Holt handing out safety information from a BNPD booth at any event or dancing in the street or getting hugs from children, remember that he’s not just a representative of the BNPD or law enforcement in general, he’s a shining representation of a Saline County resident.

As an Employee of the Month recipient, Officer Holt received a plague recognizing his success before the Benton City Council and Mayor David Mattingly. He also received gift certificates to local businesses.