Officer Appreciation 2016SMALLCitizens are encouraged to thank and honor law enforcement officers across the state as Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has proclaimed Saturday, Jan. 9 as Arkansas Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. The proclamation states, “It should be recognized that these brave men and women face the threat of danger every day on our behalf, and for that alone they deserve our thanks,” wrote Governor Hutchinson.

Benton Police Chief Kirk Lane said he is applauds the governor for honoring the men and women who selflessly sacrifice their lives in order to protect citizen lives and properties in every community.

“I am extremely proud of our officers who are truly dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens and visitors of the City of Benton, and I would like everyone to feel the same and keep us in your prayers,” Lane said. “Our officers protect not only the citizens on the roadways and in their homes and businesses, they make an emphasis to protect our children in our schools. Our officers work diligently to solve crimes and assiduously work in proactive approaches to preventing crimes throughout the community.”

Ways citizens can show thanks to law enforcement officers includes flying a blue ribbon on a vehicle antennae, mailbox, or other visible objects; shine a blue light from your home; wear blue T-shirt or shirt or jacket honoring police; showcase supportive images for law enforcement officers on social media; send an encouraging card, note or letter to law enforcement officers; and simply shake the hand of an officer and thank them for their service.