RiedmuellerRecently, Detective Jeremy Riedmueller with the Benton Police Department graduated from the Advanced Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program at the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) in Little Rock.  
The Advanced Crime Scene Technician is a 63 hour certificate program that is an additional training course that compliments the six month Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program.  Detective Riedmueller completed the initial six month course in 2012 and was accepted into the advanced course after demonstrating working knowledge in the field of investigation and applying for the course.  
Rapid advances in the forensic sciences require even seasoned crime scene investigators to attend education and training programs designed to provide updated information and new techniques and procedures. The purpose of CJI offering this course is to enhance the knowledge and skills acquired by the graduates of the six-month program and continue the educational investments in their agencies and the citizens they serve.  
Detective Riedmueller’s completion of this course now brings the level of detectives with advanced crime scene training to three within the department.  There are plans in place to send additional detectives to this training in the near future in furtherance of our core mission of providing professional investigative policing to the community