School Resource Supervisor Secures Funding for Needed Equipment

Recently, the school resource officer supervisor, Sgt. Lisa Stuart, was at the Benton Alternative Learning Center (ALC) speaking with the staff about the children.  She learned that enrollment was up due to some children transferring in from other programs and there wasn’t enough equipment for the PE classes until more could possibly be bought later in the year.

Sgt. Stuart actually observed some of the children not being able to play and enjoy their PE time due to there not being enough equipment to go around, so she decided to take action.  She took it upon herself to obtain donations for the equipment, and was able to secure funding from the Benton Wal-Mart, the Benton Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 63, and Sgt. Ed Bush of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.  
Sgt. Stuart, along with Officers Bedsole and Jackson, then took the money collected and purchased athletic supplies for the ALC students.  On the morning of 9/3/13, Sgt. Stuart, the school resource officers, and other individuals gathered together to show support for the ALC students and presented the facility with the new equipment.  
Sometimes the ALC students get the worn out or hand-me-down equipment, and Sgt. Stuart wanted to make sure they know that officers do care about them and want them to succeed by this gesture.  Sgt. Stuart said, “We are here to be more than officers. We are here to be mentors and friends as well, and this is another step at breaking barriers and gaining the trust of students.  I look forward to seeing them enjoy the equipment for many school years to come.”  

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