Benton Officers Design and Build Bike Safety Village

    Recently some of our officers were approached about teaching bicycle safety to students and various groups.  The school resources supervisor, Sgt. Lisa Stuart, came up with the idea of building a small scale bike safety village to help make the learning process easier for children.

    Sgt. Stuart then set about trying to secure funding to enable them to build the bike village.  The Golden K Kiwanis Club of Saline County then stepped forward and provided $300 towards building costs on it.  Officers then went about designing it, and built and painted the village over the last few months as time permitted.  It is complete with four buildings in the village along with traffic signals they have to negotiate along the way.  



    The bike safety village was recently completed and officers were able to use it the first time on 10/28/13.  They setup the village and taught a large group of Cub Scouts firsthand about the rules of the road and safety issues about dealing with vehicle traffic. Additionally, they instructed the scouts on proper fingerprinting techniques as a part of a badge they were working on.  



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