Phone Scam Warning

BNPD is asking residents to be on alert for an additional scam—this one via telephone. As of early Friday afternoon, at least two reports had been made of a male with a foreign accent calling residents and telling them they have warrants and they need to send money. The caller ID is showing up as the actual BNPD dispatch number, so residents should know that when BNPD dispatch needs to get in touch with someone, they will always leave a message if the person is unavailable and if there is an option to do so, and dispatch will also keep calling in an effort to reach you.

BNPD Captain Kevin Russell said this scam is slightly different because of the suspects spoofing the actual number.

“As more people have grown savvy to their tactics, scam artists are having to up their game, and this is one of the most common methods being used right now to get people to answer. But we want everyone to know that BNPD dispatch will never call to advise someone of an active warrant. The Records office makes these calls, and they, too, will leave a message if you’re unavailable.”

He added that BNPD will not leave reference numbers and the call-back number will always be the same, and though there are some warrants that can be taken care of entirely over the phone, it is not the norm.

“We know residents are aware of most of these details, but regardless of the number that you see on caller ID, we want everyone to be extra cautious with the information you give to the caller. When in doubt, always give us a call before proceeding.”

Contact the Benton Police Department records office at 501-776-5948 for more information.