New Badge 2014 Transparent1 WebsizeThe Benton Police Department is launching the “Community Church Policing” initiative for the month of February.  This initiative will focus on reaching out to faith based organizations in the community to help make them secure places to worship and to develop good rapport.  
Although we’ve not had many problems in our area with church violence and criminal activity, it is something that has taken place in various parts of our state and country over the past few years. Sometimes, people bring heightened emotions and feelings to church with them and it can unfortunately lead to irrational behavior that can result in violent acts. Churches are also not immune to criminal activity such as burglaries and thefts, so we will work with them on making their facilities more secure against such acts.  
Officers will be visiting in person with church leaders and congregations throughout the month in order to provide them with information on keeping their churches a safe and secure place for worship.  It will also help officers develop and build positive rapport and community support through their interactions. 
As part of this initiative, officers will also be visiting with church based daycares and schools throughout the city.  They will visit with staff on making their campuses a safe and secure learning environment for the children in their care.  It will also allow the staff to know what officers are working their area in the event they have questions or concerns about an issue that may arise.