2015 Annual Report


The Benton Police Department began 2014 to achieve ten goals. Those goals were substantially accomplished. In addition to these goals the following are reported:

  • Communications Improvements- Dispatch equipment and software has been upgraded. Operators answered 56,259 calls for service in 2014, 42,863 calls were for the Benton Police Department.
  • Statistics - Reporting of the NIBRS crime statistics showed violent crime in the City of Benton, up +13.4% and property crime reports up +3.38%. The NIBRS reporting covers all the crime categories, and showed a total increase of crime in the City of Benton in 2014 by + 4.06% compared to 2013 totals.
  • Training -The Benton Police officers 8745 training hours. Supervisors received a total of 882 hours of supervision training.
  • Records -The records division processed 32,909 reports (down -6% from 2013).We had a decrease in collections of -20.17% for a total of $226,650.15 in 2014, compared to 2013.
  • Special Investigative Unit - In 2013, the unit seized $6,284,474.00 in drugs from the streets of Benton.  They arrested 190 persons on a total of 283 drug related charges. The unit seized 3 weapons, along with 5 vehicles for forfeiture.
  • Grants - The Benton Police Department was successful in obtaining a number grant funding opportunities for updated computers and school security updates. Hummer all-terrain vehicles and other equipment obtained for department use in our mission through LESO program.


The Benton Police Department will seek to achieve 10 goals. These goals are as follows:

  1. Continued enhanced solvability of crimes committed through pro-active investigation.
  2. Continued enhanced supervision training for departmental supervisors.
  3. Continued updating of departmental policy manual.
  4. Continued enhanced First Aid Trauma training and equipment, and continued CPR certification for all officers.
  5. Continued scheduled improvements as planned by the passage of the Public Safety Tax.
  6. Implement improvements in patrol division operations
  7. Continued effort in monthly enforcement and community policing projects.
  8. Development of a citizen’s committee for input on our operations and outreach.
  9. Research and improve our physical standards.
  10. Training improvements for patrol officers on legal aspects and evidence collection.

 Respectfully Submitted,


Chief of Police